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  2. {123.365} #caribou #caribouinspires

  3. #birthdaycake happy 66th birthday. Glad we got to spend the day with you! Love you so much.

  4. Happy 66th Birthday! Love you. So glad we got to spend the day with you.

  5. Happy Birthday to one of my most favorite men in my life and am so blessed to call him my father! I hope you have a wonderful day. You deserve the best!

  6. Dinner! (at Olive Garden)

  7. at Brighton Beach

  8. Lake Superior I love you. 20 degrees cooler than the soccer fields! (at Northshore in Duluth)

  9. My little rock picker. Talking to an old guy about his treasures. The old timer told him that he use to find a lot of neat ones in gravel pits. Love that les is so friendly and will talk to anyone. Love that kid. (at Brighton Beach)

  10. Hibbing U12 boys are number ONE BABY! great job to all the boys on the team. You played hard and did your best all season long. So proud of you.